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Terra Millennium Corporation (TMC) is a national, market leading provider of refractory, mechanical and specialty services across diversified end markets. These specialty services include fireproofing, insulation, scaffolding, and coatings.

TMC performs its work through the following well known branded subsidiaries: J.T. Thorpe & Son, Inc. (JT THORPE), Brahma Group, Inc. (Brahma), Liberty Industrial Group, Inc. (LIG), K&G Industrial Services, LLC (K&G) and Rocky Mountain Industrial Construction Services, LLC (RMI). Each of these companies are separately incorporated, wholly owned subsidiaries of TMC.

TMC differentiates itself with its exceptional execution, safety, technical capabilities, sophisticated management, and ability to scale up its skilled work force within a short period of time.

These key attributes allow their customers to successfully complete each project. When our customers achieve success, long-term relationships are formed, which is foundational to TMC’s subsidiaries’ successful business models.

TMC now offers bundled services (refractory, mechanical, fireproofing, insulation, scaffolding, and coatings) as a package through a number of its subsidiaries.

TMC, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a privately held C-corporation.