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Safety & Risk Management

TMC’s approach to safety called “Beyond Zero Harm” is an innovative, proactive, industry-leading safety initiative that is championed by our subsidiaries.

Beyond Zero Harm focuses on the behavior of each member of our team, creating personalized risk protocol and safety assessment for our team members to think about “why” they are safe at the beginning of each workday. To support TMC’s Beyond Zero Harm safety culture, it has created safety technology that has received national acclaim. This technology conducts a daily automated interview with the employee that focuses on how unsafe behavior can impact the things that matter most in their lives. Indeed, when safety is personalized individuals see themselves as more than just employees, but rather individuals that have a greater calling in life beyond the job—like their family and children.

TMC’s Beyond Zero Harm safety culture coupled with its innovations in technology allows management to proactively engage with a team member exhibiting unsafe behavior thereby allowing constructive intervention before the incident occurs. These proactive engagements are not just left at the employee level, but then become the themes for daily toolbox talks, job site-specific training, and companywide weekly safety messages. These key interactions have been responsible for the safekeeping of thousands of our employees.

While the principles that guide Beyond Zero Harm naturally lead to frequent safety recognition awards, massive reductions in safety incidents and claims costs, TMC measures its true success by the thousands of employees that return safely home at the end of each day after having worked on one of our job sites.