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Safety & Risk Management

TMC provides insurance and risk management services for its subsidiary companies.

Each subsidiary is held accountable for its own safety performance. TMC has the following safety expectations for its subsidiaries:

  1. Being safe is a condition of employment.
  2. All employees are responsible for safety, beginning with the CEO. All employees have the right and responsibility to stop work if they are uncomfortable due to an unsafe condition.
  3. Each subsidiary company must have complete and extensive safety programs that are adhered to by its employees.
  4. Each employee must have the understanding that injuries and incidents are preventable. Zero injuries are the goal for each subsidiary.
  5. Despite our great safety record, each subsidiary company is expected to strive for perfection.

The TMC subsidiaries’ safety programs include, but are not limited to, the following components:

  1. Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  2. Respirator Protection Program
  3. Hazardous Communication and Control
  4. Confined Space Entry
  5. Hearing Conservation
  6. Subcontractor Requirements
  7. Individual Behavior Based Daily Hazard Assessment Cards
  8. First Aid and Medical Procedures
  9. Fire Prevention Program
  10. Forklift Training
  11. Equipment and Task / Skill Training
  12. Hazardous Waste and Storage Program
  13. Office Safety
  14. Vehicle Operations Program
  15. Posting Requirements
  16. Assured Grounding Program
  17. Safety Harnesses and Lanyard Inspection Program
  18. Abrasive Blasting Safety Procedures
  19. Crane and Rigging Procedure
  20. MSHA and OSHA Training
  21. HAZWOPPER Training