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BISI is a subsidiary of Terra Millennium Corporation. BISI joined the Terra Millennium umbrella in 2017.

BISI provides turnkey industrial construction services for capital projects, maintenance and turnarounds to the petroleum refining, chemical processing, mining, power generation and renewable energy markets.

BISI self-performs its work utilizing the building trade union workforce. BISI’s craftsmen are located across the country allowing them to staff projects easily, and to respond quickly to customers’ unplanned maintenance needs. BISI’s mission is to provide its customers with safe, innovative and profitable solutions for their industrial service needs. BISI is rated one of the safest contractors in the United States. The company makes safety a part of company, family and personal culture.

BISI employs up to 500 individuals across the United States. BISI is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. BISI staffs 3 regional offices throughout the United States with locations in La Mirada, CA; Richmond, CA; and Sheridan, WY.