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JT THORPE International, Inc.

JT THORPE International, Inc. (JTTI) is a subsidiary of Terra Millennium Corporation, and sister company to JT THORPE. JT THORPE International was organized under Terra Millennium in 2003 to meet the refractory needs of the international marketplace. JT THORPE International has performed projects in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, Netherlands, Africa, Viet Nam, and Bulgaria.

JT THORPE International supplies engineering and design, project management, material supply, and construction services to the international marketplace. The industries served include acid proofing, chemical processing, copper, fireproofing, gasification, incineration, industrial boilers, metals, mineral processing, petroleum, power and stack linings. JT THORPE International’s engineers specialize in all areas of refractory design including CAD, turnaround scope development, thermal analysis, refractory consulting, refractory failure investigation, project budgeting, project scheduling and project management.

JT THORPE International’s mission is to provide its customers with the best engineering practices, the most cost effective materials, exceptional project management and quality control. The company strives to complete work safely and efficiently to meet project deadlines.

JT THORPE International is headquartered in Richmond, California but works anywhere in the world.