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TMC is the parent company of a number of mission-critical subsidiaries that are independently managed and operated by a team of industry-leading professionals. The specialty of each subsidiary is as follows:


Based in Richmond, California, JT THORPE specializes in refractory work, fireproofing, insulation, coatings, and acid-resistant linings throughout the United States.

Visit www.jtthorpe.com for more information.

Brahma Group, Inc. (Brahma)

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Brahma specializes in industrial mechanical construction, maintenance and EPC work.

Visit www.brahmagroupinc.com for more information.

Liberty Industrial Group, Inc. (LIG)

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, LIG specializes in providing industrial scaffolding and large scale industrial insulation within the United States.

Visit www.libertyindustrialgroup.com for more information.

K&G Industrial (K&G)

Based in Loxley, Alabama, K&G is a refractory service and maintenance company operating in cement and lime, pulp and paper, chemical, and utility plants and mills across the United States.

Visit www.kandg.net for more information.

K&G has a branch subsidiary named Southern Refractories, Inc. performing the same type of work for its customers. Visit www.southernrefractoriesinc.com for more information.

Rocky Mountain Industrial Construction Services (RMI)

Based in American Fork, UT, RMI is a specialty service contractor specializing in structural concrete and mechanical maintenance operating primarily in chemical, cement, power and refining.

Visit rmics.com for more information.